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One Legaspi Park is a place full of amenities and features which keeps the residents occupied and entertained all throughout. The developers have incorporated amenities keeping in mind all the several age groups of the property. There are offerings available for kids, elders, teens, and everyone. These amenities are designed in such a way that the residents can relax and leisurely spend time as per requirement and desire.

There is a large-sized swimming pool featured in One Legaspi Park. The residents can spend some quality time at the pool with friends and family or just by themselves. The summer months are further eased out as one can anytime take a dip in the featured pool as per choice. There is a daycare center in One Legaspi Park which works as a blessing for all the working parents. They can leave their kids at this daycare center to be taken care of while they are off to work. Therefore, if you're a working individual and are looking for a residence featuring a daycare center then your search ends here. You can easily invest in One Legaspi Park and enjoy the offered services.

The residents of One Legaspi Park get an opportunity to conveniently park their vehicle at One Legaspi Park in the parking garage that it conveniently accommodates. There is a playing area featured in One Legaspi Park where the kids of the property can spend quality time with their friends playing their favorite games. Having a playing area situated within the residing community allows the parents and guardians to keep a close check on their kids as well.

One Legaspi Park also features a well-equipped gym where the residents can easily have their regular workout sessions. This gymnasium accommodates all the top-notch equipment that one would love to put to use. Therefore, if you're a fitness freak and are looking out for a residence featuring a well-equipped gymnasium then One Legaspi Park is the ideal most pick for you. There is also a social hall accommodated in One Legaspi Park which further adds on to the convenience of the property and its residents. The residents can host parties, events, meetings, and social gatherings in this social hall with many conveniences.

There is also a management team posted on the property who maintain the various offerings and make sure that top-notch quality of services is provided to the residents. This team also makes sure that none of the amenities and facilities face a downfall in quality and the residents get to experience nothing less than the best.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Day Care
  • Gym
  • Function Rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
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