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One Legaspi Park sits in a perfect location where the residents stay amidst all the basic necessities of life. While investing in this brilliant residential property you get to avail all the various services and commodities in just a few minutes duration. Owning such a strategic location makes the property an investment worthy of your hard earned savings. You can expect two or more fold returns while investing in One Legaspi Park in the future years.

One Legaspi Park keeps the residents close to a number of important establishments and outlets like schools, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, universities, amusement centers, commercial centers, etc. This keeps the residents in a convenient location where they do not require spending ample of time in traveling. Almost all the basics required for leading a peaceful life is available at an arms distance.

The various restaurants located close to One Legaspi Park allow the residents to anytime move out to dining out plans with their near and dear ones. Not much of traveling needs to be invested for the same. There are various eateries located just at a mild walking distance from One Legaspi Park. Therefore, all your instant plans can be executed without any difficulties. Some of the many such options include Swagat located at a distance of 0.04 km, Bizu Kitchen Studio located at a distance of 0.18 km, Stockton Place located at a distance of 0.23 km, Kitchen 1B located at a distance of 0.17 km, and La Grotta Cucina Italiana located at a distance of 0.19 km.

Having a number of educational establishments in the close vicinity allow the kids and teens of the property to avail academic education without any hassles. They do not require traveling to distant places every day to attend schools and colleges. The saved time can be invested elsewhere in other extracurricular activities leading to amazing results. Some of the many such options include Microcadd Institute Makati located at a distance of 0.31 km and Informatics located at a distance of 0.43 km.

There are a number of shopping outlets located close to One Legaspi Park where the residents can head for their regular shopping sessions. You can shop for all your groceries and other essential commodities within just a time span of a few minutes. Some of the many such shopping outlets include Rustans Supermarket located at a distance of 0.35 km, Cyotto Stop located at a distance of 0.39 km, Greenbelt 2 located at a distance of 0.46 km, Yamazaki located at a distance of 0.38 km, and Greenbelt 1 located at a distance of 0.39 km.

One should always reside in a location where there are options to meet medical emergencies at the earliest. One Legaspi Park is one such residential property that sits close to hospitals and clinics. One can quickly reach these healthcare centers whenever any medical emergency arise. One such well-equipped hospital is Aventus located at a distance of 0.45 km.

Additionally, while dwelling at One Legaspi Park the residents never face any trouble to commute to distantly situated places and locations as the property is well connected to important roadways where you can find a number of means of transportation 24 x 7.

Restaurants :

  • Swagat - 0.04 km
  • Kitchen 1B - 0.17 km
  • Bizu Kitchen Studio - 0.18 km
  • La Grotta Cucina Italiana - 0.19 km
  • Stockton Place - 0.23 km

Supermarkets :

  • Rustans Supermarket - 0.35 km
  • Yamazaki - 0.38 km
  • Cyotto Stop - 0.39 km
  • Greenbelt 1 - 0.39 km
  • Greenbelt 2 - 0.46 km

Schools :

  • Microcadd Institute Makati - 0.31 km
  • Informatics - 0.43 km

Hospitals :

  • Aventus - 0.45 km
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